Canada work permit & work visa application


  1. There are ways one can get to work  without a work permit in Canada.
  2. You can only apply for a Work visa when you get a job offer from a Canadian employer.
  3. This means you can be in your home country, get a job or contract then use that to apply for a work visa.
  4. Canada is one of the best place for oversea workers because of its good thrift.


With a Canada work permit, you can:

  • Earn in dollars and move to Canada.
  • Work with the employer whose name is on the work permit appeal.
  • Apply for a long time Resident visa with time.

To apply for Canadian work visa, you must get by some needs that will be checked by the officials. Applicants should also be able to prove to the people in charge that they will leave as their visa runs out .


  • A valid passport with 6 months validity from the due date of arrival
  • Two recent passport photographs.
  • Education qualification certificates.
  • Proof of competence, as well as on the job training.
  • Proof of assets to cover of their expenses during the stay in Canada.
  • Medical examination result from a licensed clinic.
  • Application fee.

There are  two types of work permit, Open work permit and Employer-specific work permit.


This allows the applicant to work in their place of choice and they choose who to work for and the kind of job they can do, except jobs banned by the Canadian rule.

EMPLOYER SPECIFIC PERMIT: With this work permit you work for a specific boss. Now and then, this kind of visa comes with terms like both the type of job, where to work and the time of job.

There are four  steps to get a short term work visa ,they are:

  1. The employer put in for the labor force view .
  2. Moreover the employer gives a temporal job offer to the immigrant.
  3. foreign skilled workers can put in for a work permit.


With all the demands ready strain to go through your application can cost you your dream to work abroad. A legal officer in Canada can be a big plus and will also make the work visa request fast.

Furthermore, when you have all the demands, go to an official to make it easy and also help you to reach your goals as well as renew your work permit.

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